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It is said that ‘a broken Heart is an open heart’ and on the surface this can seem true. Nevertheless, it is the mind, the false self [body-mind-identity] that ‘breaks’ and NOT the Heart. The Heart, the ‘real’ Heart … ‘is’ the ONE SELF You Really Are … IT cannot break. It can, however be revealed.

It is the clouds of the mind, the conditioning that manifests this phantom most call ‘me’, that seems to hide the True YOU. The many masks worn by this imposter, with all its many needs and fears, veils what is REAL. When this false identity releases its iron grip just enough to allow a ‘whisper’ of Light to penetrate its protective cloaks, the concept of ‘love’ is often flouted … but this is only a tiny vignette of the LOVE You Are – the SELF.

If that flimsy imitation is shaken, as it always is in the world where the belief in separation dominates, this is referred to as a broken heart … but it is the mind – part of its shell of self protection, that is broken. This moment of ‘vulnerability’ is a giant opportunity since the enormous affect of surrender is permitted to reveal what lies beyond the façade of the illusory mind-world.

The mind ‘must’ surrender for the Light, the Love, the SELF You Are to become your ‘only’ Awareness.

-image by Solveig Larsen

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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