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Throughout the world at the moment, and for some while now there are those who have been escalating chaos and what you may feel … acting ‘crazy’, particularly people with highly visible profiles. At some point when you hear the phrase: “There ‘are’ no others”, it will shift beyond a simply intellectual concept that you may accept on some level … to an absolute ‘knowing’. In that moment you will realize beyond any doubt that these dramatic events and those that act them out ‘are’ YOU, and that they are shining Light on your own ‘stuff’. Some of it is on the surface where you can easily identify with it but much of it is deeply hidden beneath the endless masks you have worn to hide the Real YOU ‘from’ you for eons.

This chaotic moment in your own ‘unique world’ is a fragile and dysfunctional ‘house of cards’ that is now collapsing and allowing the Light of Truth to become ever more visible. Embrace what is occurring … [this does not mean ‘agreeing’ with the script playing out] and Love the falling prison walls that have held you prisoner for so long.

There is no need to sink into the stories, in the typical analysing way of the false-self … the story is only the trigger. Instead, FEEL the energy of what is being illustrated so vividly and let it burn out without judgment, which would only give it additional fuel. Just let these waves of chaos rise and fall and know the Light, the Love and the Truth You Are is rising through the cracks of this ancient dysfunction.

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