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Language outlines the ‘content’ of stories, while ‘context’ reveals what the stories are about. To the extent that one ‘identifies’ with the stories this manifests filters that color and shape the ‘meaning’ of the stories. Currently, the global story is highly charged with drama and since most of humanity identifies very closely with these narratives, there is an intimate involvement ‘in’ them … they are therefore experienced ‘close-up’ and ‘personal’ with much finger-pointing, judgment and suffering, the offspring of the belief in separation.

The ‘contextual’ meaning is, as a result, very much a ‘them and us’ scenario [for most]. Inevitably, this will lead to a ‘global awakening’ where what was accepted as reality is ‘deeply’ shaken. However, the ‘context-meaning’ [belief-in-separation] will keep this awakening at a superficial level trading one dream [a very discordant dream] for a happier dream, but ‘still’ … a dream.

When the belief in separation [conditioning] has been dissolved, the story [content] remains the same but the ‘context-meaning’ SHIFTS and you become a ‘witness to’ the dream narrative … more and more isolated ‘from’ its influence - the highs and the lows. This is the beginning of genuine Freedom.

-image by Solveig Larsen

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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