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A happy dream is certainly possible for all and ‘is’ unfolding rapidly around the globe at this moment - despite much evidence to the contrary. Within the constantly repeating cycles of the world/universe Grand Dream, phases of Peace and Light [happy dreams] are inevitable. Indeed, within each one’s life experience it is entirely possible to manifest your ideal ‘happy dream’. The question is: “Is that all there is?”

A dream, no matter how beautifully exquisite the experience may be, is still ‘just a dream’. Are you content to live within an illusion? If so, then dream on, there is no condemnation or judgment by the God You Are [SELF] toward IT SELF/YOU. IT chose to experience IT SELF in every possible scenario … the sublime to the disgusting and so as you dream - IT is dreaming [the slumbering God-SELF].

But eventually the happiest dream there may be will not be enough, will disappoint and be caste aside in favor of … WHAT? The Unknown must be embraced … Nothing-ness must be allowed to engulf and submerge the mind and its illusion into the Emptiness of the Real YOU. ‘you’ must disappear for the SELF You Are to be revealed. It is a choice-less choice that arises when you are ‘finished’ with dreaming.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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