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At first there was a gentle ‘pull’ as the saturation of the world dream brought less and less attraction, draining the seduction and glamour that once captivated you and swayed your every thought toward new excitement and adventure. This immersion into the illusion of endless contrast captured your devotion in its addictive clutches for hundreds of lifetimes, despite the steep descent into darkness that always followed the ‘highs’ of your indulgences.

Finally, after the tireless swinging pendulum of ecstasy and agony satiated your obsession, your head was turned a little away from the hypnotic gaze of dreaming, toward a new lover who captured your attention like a haze on the horizon. As the growing Light flickered, the ember grew in intensity as more and more focus was placed upon this welcoming distraction. But Real Love is a jealous lover and will tolerate no other suitors and you soon learned that the Peace and endless Beauty of this Eternal flame required total surrender of the dream that had held you prisoner for eons.

 For many more lifetimes you waffled back and forth between the thundering velvet embrace of this Majestic Light that could not be extinguished and the conditioning hooks still embedded in the mind that had projected them into being. Now, the Light has spread beyond the darkest shadows so that it is seen by even the deepest sleepers and you are called to the alter of total surrender. It requires the bended knee of vulnerability that plunges you completely into the Unknown for the sake of absolute Freedom.

 This choice is Now upon you. Will you linger yet a while longer in the theater of dreams or finally tear open the curtains that have long held you in the darkness and forgetfulness of the Light You Are?


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“MASS AWAKENING - What’s Really Happening - 2020 - 30 minute Synopsis”

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