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Imagine you are observing from the top row of an infinite amphitheater. Down below in the front row is another observer, while on the stage is an actor playing out endless ‘illusory’ stories. This is Awareness ‘of’ Awareness observing the Grand Dream.

Another way to imagine this is to visualize a sphere ‘without’ borders. Within it is a giant screen and on the screen are these endless narratives playing their dance of dreams.

YOU are the boundless sphere. YOU are ‘Aware’ of All That Is and KNOW it is illusory … and yet NOT. It is the infinite ‘unknowable’ possibilities temporarily manifesting within Emptiness. Nothing … yet EVERYTHING.

There is no attachment to what comes and goes, only the ‘neutral’ observation of infinite facets of Love playing in a field of dreams.

How silly is the concept of limitation?

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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Thank you once again for reminding us about this.

I am curious about how you live. Are you in a relationship? If you are how does it eork without identifying ?

Do you have preferences of food and other eays og living?

It eill help me so much to know this, since I am still attached to some of this.

You may also reply me on mail

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