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No ‘Real’ teacher teaches anything since Truth, being infinite cannot be explained, cannot be framed or contained. The Real Teacher simply ‘points’ to what ‘seems’ to be hiding the Truth and suggests how to ‘remove’ the illusory clouds that veil the ever-Present SELF You Are.

No Real teacher sets him/herself above others, they know that there ‘are’ no others … only the illusion of many ‘appearing’ out of the ONE SELF. They are ‘always’ speaking to themselves in this regard. There is never a hint of special-ness or superiority, which would illustrate a belief in separation and levels. The SELF has no levels - being ONE.

Acquired knowledge is useful as is suffering since inevitably they will illustrate that they are NOT necessary and must be ‘dropped’ completely. Emptiness or Nothing-ness is the True state of the SELF and yet is also the infinite potential of All That Is when projected on the screen of Consciousness [another name for the SELF]. The Real Teacher therefore points to Emptiness/Nothing-ness.

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