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Few experiences touch one more than the feeling and/or actual experience of being abandoned. If FELT beneath the story/drama of it, it touches you in the core of all ‘conditioning’unworthiness. This is the primal influence that began with the original ‘fall of consciousness’ from the pristine state of God Awareness. Everyone who has NOT yet become Self Realized still feels the acute sting of unworthiness in countless ways with abandonment at the top of the list of manifested ways to trigger this deep and painful aspect of the conditioning that defines the false self.

When these moments arise [on a subtle level, they can occur virtually everyday] in some unmistakable and obvious way such as a relationship break-up, the loss of a job or rejection by a friend, the sorrow felt can take one’s breath away. These are the moments to ‘dive’ into the ‘feeling’ beneath the story and allow it to speak to you of the illusion it is. There is never a moment when the Real YOU can be abandoned since you are ONE and ONE is always undivided … but knowing this intellectually does not sooth the fire. This is why ‘feelings felt’ beyond the story/drama bring clarity and shifts you from the ‘mind’ to the ‘Heart’ where True Knowledge lies.

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