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The concept of money is ‘made-up’ … a means of trading goods and services conveniently [as the mind sees it], now shifting quickly into the virtual reality of digital currency, which actually approaches a less confined definition of the Awareness of Abundance that is ‘boundless’. And yet, Abundance cannot be defined since infinity cannot be contained, and Abundance ‘is’ another name for YOU – ONE – God – I AM.

Money carries with it the constricted view of one’s unique conditioning and is withheld or extended according to the value that each one places upon themselves. Since ‘unworthiness’ is at the very root of ‘all’ conditioning, most receive a very tiny expression of their True worth, which is Infinite. The mind declares that all manner of support is required to obtain enough to care for its body instrument … such as education, hard work, the right birth parents, connections and many other prerequisites for survival, let alone comfort. As a result, there is much anxiety and stress related to the acquisition of ‘money’ … ideally ‘wealth’ [since the mind sees this as successful living] dominates much of each one’s life experience.

When the shift takes place, from mind-oriented direction to Heart guidance, [in the moment spontaneity always ‘one’ with Abundance] what is needed simply shows up and ‘all’ so-called work is somehow associated with your JOY expressing IT SELF effortlessly.

-#2 -sent from our Retreat at the Forest in the Sky - Flamingo Dai Lai Resort in Vietnam

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