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Abused and abuser ‘are’ one … this conditioning is played out like two sides of a coin. Both abused and abuser hate themselves and endlessly project this hatred into their experiences as recipient and perpetrator. The one seeks to ‘heal’ themselves through forgiveness, patience and understanding of the abuser while the other seeks to punish themselves by controlling, blaming and attacking the other as a mirror of their self hatred. Unworthiness, the root of ALL conditioning, is the foundation of this symbiotic attempt to ‘find’ worthiness through the punishment of its absence.

Dancing barefoot on the broken glass of limitation, they twist and writhe as ‘one’ in a desperate yet fruitless attempt to quench the fire of rejection ‘from’ the SELF … acted out on the stage of dreams. The solution, as with all the conditioning that defines the false self [body-mind-identity], is to turn inward. This simple but seemingly unreachable choice becomes a revelation as the tangled web of drama plays out through unendurable suffering, eventually turning attention ‘inside’ as humility replaces the victim emanating from the false self.

No one was ever rejected and was always Worthiness IT SELF, another name for the God we are. When YOU ‘as’ God descended into unconsciousness of Who You Really Are [the Garden of Eden analogy] there was a ‘feeling’ of separation from the God-SELF … resulting in the deep-seated belief that you had been rejected – unworthiness followed.

The turn inward will eventually lead both abuser and abused to this ‘knowing’ as all conditioning is transformed in the fires of Self Discovery.

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