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The next era of Peace and Light that is now emerging [they show up every 11 thousand years] always brings with it chaos as old dysfunctional structures collapse. That is what the world has been experiencing on an increasing basis for over 2 years now and will continue to experience for some time to come. Adapting to this new era first means recognizing that it IS in fact unfolding, since what currently is showing up around the globe seems only like ‘collapse’. One can ‘accept’ this through the mind but the mind ‘always’ wants proof, ways and means and lots of information, while the Heart [call it your intuition if you wish] SHOWS you in a full blown ‘instant’ moment.

Cultivating this natural faculty means surrendering to Truth. The mind wants to ‘know’ what Truth is but Truth, being infinite cannot be ‘framed’ by words … IT can only be experienced, and this arises as the clouds of conditioning dissolve, revealing what has always been there ‘as’ the Real YOU and has never NOT been there. It only requires that the choice to Surrender exist [which begins with a mind-oriented decision] … then the outward circumstances will mold to accommodate that choice. Then, you simply say YES to ‘What Is’ [which IS surrender]. That does NOT mean you necessarily ‘agree’ with What Is, it simply means NOT resisting it … you will see very quickly that that ‘ends’ suffering [not pain – but suffering].

SELF DISCOVERY AND SELF INQUIRY: A Handbook for the Pathless-Path to Freedom

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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