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The tendency to ‘escape’ is one of the most common experiences of the false self. ‘Running, sedating and distracting’ are the methods used and while most have a combination of all three, there is usually one more prevalent than the other two. Addiction-sedating is perhaps the ‘most obvious’ escape mechanism with drugs and alcohol being the most visible expressions. Abuse, sex, food and obsessive behaviours of every description are also ways the false self uses to keep the slumbering God-SELF from awakening.

Conditioning [karma … I rarely use this term since it has so many connotations] is the root cause of one’s escape preferences and is built into their destiny ‘by’ it. No amount of therapy will do anything more than mask or contain the urges molesting you. The conditioning must be dissolved completely for your experience of imbalance to disappear. Self Inquiry/Surrender, is the direct route.

Nevertheless, know that karma/conditioning [like reincarnation] is only so-called ‘real’ within the Grand Dream and has no actual reality. You are simply experiencing these illusions as dreams within a dream and can depart from them in any moment you choose.

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