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The concept of ‘being saved’ is prevalent in most spiritual belief systems. While the ONE SELF YOU Really Are needs no saving and is ‘ALWAYS’ Free, IT does become ‘trapped’ within dreams of ITs own making.

While IT sojourns within the holographic illusory projection [dream] known as the universe in ITs ‘play’ with ‘knowing’ IT SELF, IT sleeps to ITs True identity. This comes about through the many layers of ‘conditioning’ [attachments, expectations and identifications], which ‘sculpt’ the avatar bodies IT uses in this process. Your body-mind-identity, which most call ‘me’, is such an avatar. It is NOT real nor is it Who YOU Are … but while YOU ‘as’ the ONE SELF sleep – you ‘definitely’ believe it is your real identity and therein lies the field of dreams – the roller coaster of happiness and sorrow where this SELF-knowing occurs.

In order to return to the full Awareness of the ONE SELF YOU Are, this concept of being ‘saved’ arose. It means that ALL this conditioning must first be recognized, then dissolved like clouds hiding the sun. ‘Triggers’ [often painful] are used to bring this about and may show up as chronic illnesses, life threatening accidents or diseases, financial disasters, relationship break ups or anything that serves to get your ATTENTION in such a way that a level of ‘surrender’ occurs, which then turns your attention inward where the ’memory’ of Who YOU Are resides. These triggers ‘seem’ like curses but in reality they are blessings when you finally recognize them as such.

Currently, there are a ‘blizzard’ of these triggers bathing the planet as it and humanity experiences a major SHIFT into an era of Peace and Light. It is “the worst of times and the best of times”.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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