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There is but one Purpose for the sleeping counterpart of the ONE SELF that YOU Are to so-called ‘be’ in the dream most call reality … and that is to remember WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

Everything - EVERYTHING … [the mirrors of experience that make up each one’s unique world], that show up, are precisely orchestrated around the conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications] that make up the body-mind-illusory-identity that most call ‘me’ … to dissolve whatever conditioning is ‘next’ ready to be dissolved.

For those who are steeped deeply in the mind [for example so-called highly educated intellectuals of various kinds], these mirrors will be harsh since the delusion of ‘control’ [the belief they have it to some degree or the desire thereof] are like a thick cloud layer of conditioning that almost totally hides the Light [Truth] they really ARE - ‘Nothing-ness/Emptiness’ … with infinite potential. To pierce these clouds therefore requires severe ‘jolts’ and this occurs in a multitude of traumatic ways during the course of many lifetimes [dream lifetimes].

For those who exhibit to some degree humility or outright ‘surrender’, the mirrors will show up somewhat or totally in a benign way, allowing for a rapid transition through the clouds of conditioning to the Light of Truth, which rushes out to meet ITs quickly ‘Awakening’ counterpart.

“And (the father) ran and embraced (the younger son) and kissed him.” – Prodigal son analogy.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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