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Everything and every being is the ONE SELF. Some will say: “Show me God” [or any name meaning the ONE SELF]. There is nowhere one can look or experience that is NOT the ONE SELF. The mind [false self, which manifests out of the belief in separation], cannot conceive of this since it sees so-called good and bad on an endless scale everywhere. “How can ‘bad’ be the SELF [God]?” … it wonders. Infinite diversity is ‘projected’ on the screen of Consciousness [SELF] and shows up as endless ‘illusory’ contrast bringing about the judgment associated with ‘all’ thought … thoughts about dreams - NOT Reality.

The SELF ‘witnesses’ the illusory diversity and remains aloof and undivided. The worst image imaginable ‘is’ a ray emanating from this one splintered Light, which is never NOT the SELF. This does not mean one ‘supports’ dysfunction if it is encountered. It means True Awareness [SELF] recognizes IT SELF ‘in’ All That Is. You cannot ‘make’ this Pure Awareness happen … you can only say YES to What Is and the Light of True Awareness will ‘expand’ on ITs own.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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