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The Truth is that Consciousness chose ‘both’ ALL and NOTHING.

Nothing-ness ‘is’ Emptiness and emptiness is the state in which ALL possibilities exist. Silence is the ‘entrance and the exist’ to Nothing-ness. When Consciousness ‘exits’ Silence … universes spring into manifestation, and it is there that “‘ALL’ That Is” seems to exist. Nothing which can come and go, which has a beginning and an ending is Real and therefore does NOT really exist and yet the illusion is so Real that Consciousness ‘can’ fool IT SELF into believing it is Real … and does so for eons while it ‘plays’ in this oblivious state of Awareness. This is the ‘ALL’ part most of humanity is now experiencing.

When Consciousness is totally ‘satiated’ with ITs projection and the endless swings of the pendulum of duality and the wild ride of ecstasy and sorrow, IT draws back from this savory dream into IT SELF as NOTHING. It appears that this is a mistake, but this scenario has repeated itself over and over again like the infinite sweeping arc of a galaxy … NOTHING is a mistake.

This moment has once again arrived and Consciousness – Who You Really Are, is drawing back into IT SELF ‘as’ NOTHING, which is ‘beyond’ even Bliss. You can say YES to this and the transition will be swift [in clock time] or resist and it will seem to take much longer … but, it ‘is’ happening NOW.

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