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‘NOTHING’ … ever, is out of order!

The world/universe is a ‘precise’ manifestation of the collective conditioning of humanity and each individual’s world is ‘unique’ according to their own specific conditioning down to the their entire predestined life experience including the current body they [as the slumbering God-SELF they Really Are] are wearing.

The nature of the world is separation accentuated by the ‘opposites’ that relate to everything and cause unending ‘friction’, which registers as pain and suffering. The high dramas that unfold in everyone’s life are the offspring of this world of contrast and this makes it very seductive, while the inevitable suffering flows through these events from very subtle to full blown - the bitter-sweet phenomena.

Eventually, it is this very suffering that bends the knee in surrender when its peak is greater than the allure of the ‘highs’ that the contrasts offer. In this way … ‘Nothing’ is ever out of order and ‘All Really Is Well’ since it is this surrender that ultimately leads each one Home to Truth.

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