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There are no ‘so-called’ paths that are wrong. Even the darkest ones that can be imagined have an ‘end’ that eventually leads to Truth. ONE … the ONE Reality [the SELF YOU Are], has no levels, divisions, dimensions, distances, times or hierarchy of good and bad. ‘ONE’ is Empty with infinite potential and that potential is ‘known’ through projections on the screen of Consciousness [ITs instrument].

On that screen ‘anything’ may be experienced from dark to light since its foundation is the belief in separation. ONE navigates these infinite animations on the screen through every possibility without being ‘changed’ in any way. ITs avatars ‘do’ change and those experiences are what the world calls reality with all its highs and lows. But the avatars are simply vehicles for the ONE SELF to experience every possibility of IT SELF. Eventually these experiences fade back into the SELF … into the Nothing-ness that IT ‘is’.

All attempts to reconcile these experiences, these illusions … these dreams, WILL fail since what is NOT real cannot be figured out. Only the return to the Awareness of the ONE SELF YOU Are - has any merit – the one Purpose you really have. In this regard … ALL roads lead to the city of Light.

“THE AFTERMATH”: The SHIFT into an Era of Peace and Light

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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