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It’s always about Awareness.

God or the God-SELF is never less than IT SELF. It is never 'more' God, ‘more’ Light, ‘more’ Compassion, ‘more’ Freedom, etc. ... IT just 'is' and your degree of Awareness of IT [Who You Really Are] 'exposes' more or less of it to 'your' dreaming experience.

For some time [clock time] after a ‘degree’ of what most spiritual people call Awakening ... you still believe that the world is ‘out there’ and separated with all its many short comings … somehow 'outside' of you and you set out to make it better through a multitude or ways and means.

What then becomes more visible is ‘your own unique conditioning’ in manifested forms. The suffering, ALL of it, 'is' your own - uniquely. But still you try to rally many so called 'others' to try and somehow 'fix' what seems to be out there. But there 'are' no others - 'they' are 'you' and through dream efforts, which includes the growing 'expression' of the God-SELF such as Compassion, you set out on adventure after adventure to make the 'world' better ... but THERE 'IS' NO WORLD ... that's the AHA that comes later as an actual 'Knowing' … not just an intellectual idea agreed upon.

This 'fixing' however, is always about fixing yourself, using the form of the world dream manifestations as triggers to reveal what conditioning is ready to be transformed. When you do this, you are using the direct pathless-path HOME [Self Discovery/Inquiry] and have put away all the toys of the dream and are giving your undivided ATTENTION to your ‘own’ Freedom 'only'. As a result, when that comes, as it will much more quickly then, the God You Are is experienced ‘as’ every moment of the dream ... no matter HOW it shows up.

-Reprinted with permission from a conversation with my dear friend Christine Rose

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