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For the false self being alone is as close to death as it can imagine. To it, alone-ness offers only a lingering angst, a simmering agony and a cold dark star-less universe that crushes in upon it. To the FREE [the SELF] it an exquisite aspect of the Awareness of ONE-ness.

The SELF knows there is no such thing as separation. The more IT embraces being alone the deeper and more expansive is the Awareness that every ‘thing’ and every ‘experience’ IS IT. When you have returned to this natural state of Freedom … what is right near your physical body is as much ONE [not close but ONE] as a distant star. This is far beyond any quantum mechanics description of entanglement, which still locates momentary manifested ‘things’ here and there. The ONE who knows IT is never alone experiences this naturally beyond the dream of manifested things. They know they are NOT a body or a mind and that these things are simply phenomena occurring temporarily on the screen of Consciousness.

In this ONE-ness Awareness the possibility of time and distance and alone-ness does not exist and ultimately is totally unknown. When the Awakened Consciousness still lives in a physical body the depth of this ONE-ness Awareness deepens in every moment. It is most ‘welcome’ and does not diminish in a so-called crowd of people or in the clamoring noise of the Grand Dream. ONE but not alone … ever, the Real YOU Lives in unbroken Joy.

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