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The ‘only’ Purpose anyone on earth has, until it occurs, is to become consciously ‘aware’ that they are Free and always have been … after that Reality is ‘an every moment’ experience. While this occurs it is NOT possible to ever be ‘off-track’ on this pathless-path. Pathless because Truth [Freedom] is always NOW and never at the end of a process involving ‘time’.

Most everyone on the planet lives in their mind, which in its current position is ‘out-of-place’ as the identity of who you are. In its rightful place it is an operating system … a servant to the Heart or Real SELF. This means that virtually all guidance is coming ‘from’ a false source and as such is tainted by the conditioning that identifies it. Mind oriented spiritual teachings are always focused on changing or fixing the world ‘out there’. It speaks of being a better person, improving yourself and becoming better educated but the SELF is already Perfect and needs nothing added.

If you have gravitated to a particular belief system that resonates with you and fills you with Joy then for now it is the perfect place for you but ultimately the relentless tug of the Heart will pull you into a deep Self Inquiry, the direct route HOME that has no belief system attached. It means standing in the fire of who you are NOT so that Who You Really Are is revealed to you. Until then, take Heart that the SELF always has your back and knows exactly what is perfect for you in each moment.


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