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The SELF simply ‘knows’ TRUTH, because IT ‘is’ TRUTH.

The false self however, loves to analyse, dissect and figure out, offering an endless list of opinions and perspectives on the meanings that may lie behind each experience and each object that fills the grand dream. In this way it never ‘finds’ Truth but is content to ‘juggle’ it as the jester it is. The mind, another name for the false self, in this way attempts to keep the slumbering God-SELF you are distracted from Who IT Really Is.

But what about words, spoken or written … without the mind and thought? The SELF animates the projections on the screen of Consciousness [IT Is] and ‘unshackled’ by the conditioning that defines the false-self-body-mind-identity, flows ‘unobstructed’ through words [spoken or written] in all ITs pristine and exquisite Beauty, Free and Boundless without a ‘hint’ of fear … without mind or thought.

Perhaps more than anything the SELF can be easily recognized by this total lack of fear as it rests always in the Peace IT is. Others who have returned to full Awareness ‘as’ the SELF radiate a glow you may call Love – again, unconditioned. While still *others may emit the essence of unbroken Joy. The facets of the ONE Divine Diamond or God that You Are, are many and show up according to the requirement of the moment in which those that still sleep reside.

*[always remembering, there ‘are’ no others]

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