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“As a man [woman] thinketh … so he/she is.”

This familiar adage has been repeated for thousands of years and followed as gospel … and yet its True meaning is usually misunderstood. Thinking [projecting thought] is the instrument of ‘dream creations’ or the entire manifested universe … all of which is an illusion. The mind/thought does NOT create because nothing created has a beginning and an ending – only illusions are time-bound.

What/Who You Really Are has nothing to do with what or how you think. You are ONE, the God-SELF, un-changing, eternal. The masks you wear through conditioned thinking fool you and the world that seems to be ‘outside’ this false self but the God-SELF is untouched and sits in Silent Knowing. Nothing you can do can change this … you can only realize it as ALL will when the masks no longer entice you and the pain of the illusion of separation can no longer be endured.

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