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ONE-ness is not somehow a ‘connection’ … that would be separation ‘linked’ by only the belief in ONE-ness. One-ness is not a belief of any kind – IT simply IS and KNOWS. How then to have this Knowing?

The return to the Awareness of the God You Are [ONE] ‘is’ ALL Knowing. This return is NOT really a return since you have never left the SELF [ONE] … you have re-directed your focused Attention on separation and manifested an entire illusory universe including your body-mind-identity with all its tiny-ness and cloistered beliefs of what is True. This illusory mind knows ‘nothing’ True despite its vast accumulation of so-called knowledge. In Still Silence what ‘is’ True is Known in each moment … a place-less place the mind never goes to – Emptiness where thought cannot dominate.

This requires no ‘mental’ gymnastics. Attention on “I AM” is one way to focus on the ONE-ness You Are. You may add another name for IT such as LOVE or FREEDOM if that resonates with you. When separation thoughts arise, resisting them ‘expands them’ … simply replace them again with I AM … . Your simple consistent Attention is the Key.

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