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When a ball is thrown in the air there is a ‘moment’ when it is neither ascending nor descending, this may be referred to as a Still-Point moment of ‘balance’. In humanity’s ‘Grand Dream this phase of balance lasts about 2,000 years of clock-time, which it entered only a few years ago. In the initial days and years of each sequence there is a super-nova-like experience … as what is ending [in this case the dysfunctional patriarchy] - collapses. For the deep sleepers this period can be ‘very frightening’, however it is a blessed moment when ‘many’ come to their knees completely and turn within where Truth resides.

The nature of the Grand Dream ‘is’ a roller coaster of sorrow and happiness due to the belief in separation … together with these temporary phases of balance. Should this all of a sudden become calm and harmonious [balanced] – as WILL occur during this phase, WHAT THEN?

Many will simply ride out the dream in this encapsulated ‘Garden of Eden’ and return again and again during the next phase as they continue buying into the great ‘illusion’ this world is. However, others who have been ‘triggered’ sufficiently by what is now occurring will say, through their own unique expression: “there must be a better way” … and make the SHIFT toward Truth. That will expand the Light of Awareness necessary for True Freedom [the SELF] to be remembered.


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