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Be absolutely clear about this … “NOTHING in your world can show up that does not in some way have to do with your ‘conditioning’ … or the lack of it.”

The insults, the judgments, the lack of this or that, the pride, the arrogance, the roller coaster ride of happiness and sorrow, the enormous range of regrets, remorse, shame, unworthiness and fear … all of this and much more is tied as ‘one’ to your ‘attachments, expectations and identifications’. The fact that they show up somewhere ‘out there’ in no way diminishes their clinging symbiotic relationship with the ‘you’ you call ‘me’ … as false and unreal as it is. Its ALL your own dramatic script … not a moment of it ‘unconnected’ to the phantom actor you play while asleep to Truth.

When finally, you turn within and with ‘all your heart’ yearn for and give your full Attention to total Freedom, turning over every stone that tries to hide the Truth of Who You Really Are … you begin to see the clouds of the grand dream part, break up and dissolve revealing the Genuine I AM God that you are in every flower, every child-like face [old or young], every sunset … and indeed, in every storm. This then becomes the reflection of Truth the false self has hidden behind its endless masks and countless dramatic stories.

Its ALL you.

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