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“Be the Light” is a well known adage that suggests that one can somehow ‘make’ themselves ‘BE’ something. In the Grand Dream it is possible but is NOT Real. The false self cannot ‘do’ anything Real since it has no Real existence. Additionally, it has no concept of what ‘the Light’ is … another name for the SELF or Truth. Its entire experience occurs in a world of opposites dominated by the belief in separation where nothing is consistent … nothing True, while the SELF is he only Reality as ONE.

The LIGHT is Who You Really Are, IT is not something you can become or evolve into …IT always IS and never gets more or less. The Light YOU Are is ‘revealed’ as the veil of conditioning dissolves. As these clouds hiding the sun you are disperse, the Light simply becomes more and more obvious. You cannot make yourself Shine through ‘thought’ [which is of the false self or mind] … YOU Shine because what had hidden the Light YOU Are is exposed.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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