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To ‘become’ something involves ‘time’.

To BE something is always NOW.

All that is un-real ‘seems to’ exist within time but is an illusion.

Reality is always NOW.

Trying to do or un-do something involves ‘focused Attention’ and ‘EXPANDS’ what is focused upon since Attention is the conduit for Life Force. Trying to ‘get better’ gives this Life Force to what seems to be ‘lacking’ and that is what then expands.

This are the fundamental reason dreaming repeats itself.

‘Declaration’ of what is REAL expands it in your experience and Awareness. This is Attention on TRUTH. There is no need for the mind to ‘know’ what TRUTH ‘is’ nor is it capable of understanding TRUTH since its conditioning veils TRUTH.

Truth knows IT SELF and will reveal IT SELF to you [Who ‘is’ IT SELF] if you give your focused Attention to IT … just the phrase I AM TRUTH is enough.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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