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Your conditioning determines your behaviour … ALL of it. Your conditioning [which literally ‘makes’ the body and world YOU, as the slumbering God-SELF experience], consists of all your ‘attachments’ and propensities toward them, all your ‘expectations’, all that you ‘identify’ with tied to all your stored ‘memory’ and ‘imagination’. It is a fantastic, phenomenal and very complex ‘fiction’, which is totally believed-in by most of humanity. Every breath you take, every step you take, every word you speak, every action and every thought occurs together ‘as’ your behavior, emanating from this ever-changing conditioning ‘program’.

When one embarks on a so-called self improvement/development adventure they are attempting to change their behavior along with their life circumstances. This has the effect of ‘shuffling the same deck of cards’ and dealing out a different hand – or behavioral change … however it is ‘still’ conditioning … still a fiction … still NOT Who YOU Really Are. Only the complete desolation of ALL conditioning ‘reveals’ the Real YOU. The ‘exposure’ of the false self that your conditioning produces … through Self Inquiry, is the direct route to accomplish this.

‘Who am I’ … is the single most powerful question you can ask while you still dwell in the Grand Dream.

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