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The Absolute ‘has’ no identity. IT is Still, Silent, Nothing. YOU ‘are’ the Absolute … Nothing and yet All That Is.

When there is an ‘object’ such as a universe, the Absolute becomes Pure Consciousness Awareness … IT is literally the Absolute’s body and IT is the ‘witness’ of the object.

When Consciousness ‘identifies’ with the object IT becomes ‘tainted’ and loses IT’s SELF Awareness … believing IT ‘is’ the object.

It is like a Light, that when shone through a movie film, shines the film’s images on a blank screen. The Light ‘and’ the blank screen ‘are’ Consciousness. When Consciousness steps ‘into’ the projected image and identifies with it, IT forgets Who IT Really Is. This is the general state of Awareness of most of humanity.

‘Dis-identification’ with all objects and experiences returns YOU to Pure Conscious Awareness. This means to be Aware of ‘All That Is’ as YOU, you must return to ‘Nothing-ness’.

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