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Searching for ‘wholeness’ or the feeling of being ‘complete’ is the primary focus of the false self whose illusory existence is founded on the belief in separation [being incomplete]. While the acquisition of a host of ‘things and experiences’ constantly occupies the false self in this quest, the pursuit of a special ‘other’, commands its deepest attention. When one enters a spiritual life, this all-consuming generic mission becomes more ‘specific’ with terms such as ‘soul-mate’ and ‘twin flame’ providing a somewhat more Divine ‘feel’ to the pursuit. For a while this disguises the more subtle ‘continued expression’ of the separated mind, which prevails until total ‘surrender’ occurs.

There ‘are’ no ‘others’ … there is only the SELF. This one Truth when fully realized ‘is’ Freedom and it is therefore paid … at most, ‘lip-service’ for most who follow a spiritual life. If a so-called soul-mate or twin flame does ‘seem’ to show up, it is because their conditioning represents the clearest mirror one is ready to look at … so far. The conditioning ready to be transformed will most easily be reflected through them and this is why most of these relationships are short lived … standing in the fire of who you are NOT is too hot for most … without the NO MATTER WHAT choice to be Free … its ‘impossible’.

In the end the search for Truth [Freedom] is a solitary one. There may be loving companions along the way but this in no way suggests that they can somehow ‘complete’ what is already ONE. There is only YOU in ‘every’ scenario becoming ‘Aware’ of YOU.

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