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The entire history of the Grand Dream as it relates to the world, is locked within the cellular structure of the planet and in some places, it is not unusual to ‘sense’ a part of this like watching a movie trailer. The same is true of your body as it relates to you, which is imprinted with all you have experienced [every lifetime] and still hold onto [conditioning]. This is why the importance of ‘Emptiness’ is often spoken of. To be Empty allows what ‘is’ True to flow rather than be ‘dammed up’ by the refuse of past lives ‘concentrated’ in your current body vehicle and appearing on the screen of consciousness within your mind as who you ‘believe’ you are.

When you choose Freedom as your number #1 priority you are triggered again and again by the world mirror allowing you to ‘stand in the fire of who you are not’ … this cellular memory-identity. This ‘is’ very challenging but cannot be avoided when you arrive at the line in the sand where you cannot seem to ‘exist’ if you do not take this choice and follow it to your Freedom.

With the transformation of this ancient conditioning comes waves of ‘clearing/transforming’ this cellular refuse and with it periodic phases of profound fatigue and deep sleep as well as strange physical ailments that show up one moment and are gone the next. Take heart – all is well, you are simply emptying out what is NOT you so that ‘Who You Really are’ can become more and more evident as your normal moment to moment experience. As always Self Inquiry/Surrender is the direct route Home.

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