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Being what you want is surprisingly simple once you discover how. Even then, it is so simple that the mind fights this knowledge since a part of its foundational programming [conditioning] tells you that anything worth having is difficult and comes at great cost. This new ‘program’ is not therefore easily accessed despite the evidence of it everywhere. Here is the secret:

-an objective [goal, target, focus … DREAM]

-focused attention

-burning desire [PASSION]

… that’s it. No special education, training, years of struggle, overcoming of obstacles - nothing more than these three things when applied to any dream you want to come true … WILL bring it into your experience.

However, any dream you have other than being FREE [Self Realized] will simply remold the false self [body-mind-identity] that you currently call ‘me’. And, it will NOT bring you unbroken JOY [your natural state - Who you Really Are]. It will simply be added to the existing dream you call life with the roller coaster of happiness and sorrow that defines all experience in the world of illusions.


HOW SUFFERING LEADS TO FREEDOM” - The Transition out of Deep Sleep to Liberation - by John McIntosh

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