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The SELF has no beliefs of any kind. For the false self this is reckless and incomprehensible. “How can one exist without the guidelines of beliefs?” … it will protest. But the false self has no ‘real’ existence. Its experience is a fiction made-up ‘of’ beliefs, which surround the conditioning it has built layer upon layer since birth. Like that conditioning, its beliefs are ever shifting, coloured and morphing from one moment to the next, influencing its every choice.

 The SELF simply ‘knows’ … when required and Empty when not. IT is Still, Silent Nothing-ness. There are no choices between this or that. What needs to be done [so called], is known untainted by the endless opinions, judgments, fears and what-ifs of the false self. There never has been a belief of any kind that did not have exceptions and back-doors, and none have brought more than a passing sense of Peace at best. Emptiness however is the sibling of spontaneity and requires the unconditional Surrender of one who is done with maybe’s and will settle for nothing less than absolute Truth in every moment.

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