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The ONE SELF has no beliefs of any kind … IT is Empty and simply KNOWS when required. You ‘are’ the ONE SELF.

Who then has this plethora of beliefs about an infinite number of experiences and circumstances? The false self most refer to as ‘me’. This personal-illusory-identity, made up of the conditioning it came in with, seems to exist in a dream-world of good and bad - of opposites, and collects beliefs on everything. These beliefs are ALL mind oriented and subject to constant change, which are referred to as opinions or perspectives. None are pure because the dream is based on illusions. How then to navigate the dream during your sojourn within it?

The SELF [the Real YOU] simply KNOWS when required and can be accessed through the intuition. To tune into YOUR genuine Identity requires surrender ‘to’ IT. While this is absolutely ‘simple’, REAL surrender is rare until you are ‘fed-up’ with the guidance of the mind and its fallible beliefs. Once this occurs, navigating the dream becomes effortless and always present. This is the slumbering God-SELF ‘yawning’ awake.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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