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The false-mind-identity cannot be ‘involved’ in the Grand Dream and ‘also’ be the ‘witness’ of it in the same moment … the body can be an ‘actor’ on this stage, but if one’s awareness is consciously observing this illusion, it is NOT participating … residual momentum is doing the acting. When Attention occurs as a witness ‘of’ the dream that was projected through thought and the belief in separation, the false self is being ‘exposed’ as the ‘me’ you have believed yourself to be. Uncovered, it withdraws and sinks back into the God-SELF, which has been ‘masked’ by the dream. When this occurs this false ‘I’ is dissolving.

Who then is there to be enlightened? Who is there to be freed of the bondage of a dream? The dreamer ‘is’ no longer and there is no one to be enlightened, freed, liberated or self realized. All spiritual concepts disappear in this nothing-ness. All concepts including all religions, philosophies, teachers, gurus, practices and disciplines no longer have meaning since there is no one to use them … they were a convenient way to ‘point’ toward the desolation of an illusion – the person called ‘me’ and the dream that ‘seemed’ to exist.

The ‘blank screen’ of Conscious Awareness has NO identity and is NOT divided into numberless entities called universes, planets, people, things and circumstances called life as you have known it. In this Emptiness the unbroken JOY and BLISS of Real Life simply ‘is’.


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