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The fully Aware ONE SELF [YOU Really Are] knows ‘nothing’ of enlightenment. IT knows nothing about ‘separation’ or anything that has an ‘opposite’.

The false self [body-mind-identity called ‘me’], made-up as it is by conditioning, never reaches something called enlightenment … being an illusion it simply dissolves back into the nothing-ness from which it sprang revealing ‘to’ the ONE SELF [slumbering as it was in the conditioned world of dreams] … IT SELF. There is no so-called ‘evolution’ of the false self through multiple dimensions into an enlightened state.

These stair-step concepts are narratives ‘of’ the dream-world most call reality and are ‘true’ only insofar as they are dreams. Truth has no divisions, no steps, no distances of any kind being ONE. IT [the SELF] simply ‘is’. Your focused Attention on this ever-Present Truth does far more than any mind-created ‘practice’ to bring about this Absolute Awareness.

THE GRAND DREAM-You Have Been Dreaming, Its Time to Wake Up

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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