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Updated: Feb 13, 2019

-John McIntosh

What comes and goes is phenomena. It is often delicious, enticing and seductive to have such experiences but what is temporary is NOT Real. The mind craves phenomenal experiences, the more spectacular the better. It is the mind itself that manifests them since they make the illusionary personal-identity ‘feel’ alive. But the grand dream, which the world is, is a roller-coaster of highs and lows with periodic states of relative calm like a ball thrown in the air, which for is a tiny moment is neither rising or falling. But this is NOT Real Peace.

Freedom or the Peace You Are is ‘beyond the mind’. IT is NOT something that ‘happens’ … IT is an aspect of Pure Conscious Awareness and is always Present ‘as’ the Real YOU. The glamor of the world, which in itself is one huge phenomena, [as is the entire universe] … ‘eventually’ fails to hold the Attention of the imprisoned God-SELF You Really Are and ‘focus’ then turns toward what ‘does not perish’. That Attention pours ‘Life-Force’ into the sleeping Reality, and Awareness of Truth blooms like flowers in the desert.

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