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The mind [false self] ‘is’ the repository of stories. Everything that seems to be so-called ‘happening’ is within this ‘bubble’ of thought and ‘appears’ to be an actual manifested ‘thing’ or ‘experience’. This is the illusion called the Grand Dream. The ONE SELF YOU Really Are is ‘before’ this ‘projection’, which occurs on and through the instruments of the SELF called Consciousness. If you look at a ‘prism’ and think of that as Consciousness, the Light shining ‘through’ it is the SELF and the beams of many colours emanating ‘from’ the prism are the stories … people, circumstances, worlds, universes, etc.

The SELF identifies with these stories in order to ‘experience’ IT SELF and to do so ‘fully’ IT forgets Who IT is temporarily until IT is satiated ‘with’ those stories, with all the ups and downs that come with them. When thoughts subside, worlds dissolve like waves on a quiet ocean. Deep sleep and deep meditation are examples of thoughts ceasing temporarily. When the identification ‘with’ the thought-stories ceases, the body-mind-identity may still exist that the SELF temporarily occupies … but the ‘illusion’ of the dream ceases and the SELF [YOU] are is Free ‘within’ the dream.

This is going ‘beyond’ the story.

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"THE AFTERMATH" - by John McIntosh

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