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The ONE SELF [YOU Are] is ‘before’ the universe, which is a projection within IT. The energy that ‘powers’ the manifestation of this dream is also ‘within’ that projection and is itself a dream. There are no so-called ‘laws’ governing the ONE SELF since, being indivisible, there are no ‘contrasts’ that require laws to organize. However, within the Grand Dream ‘projection’ there are many laws [dream-laws] since it is based on infinite divisions. Most spirituality speaks of those laws but they apply only to a dream - NOT to Truth. One of those dream laws has to do with balance … like a pendulum that reaches two ‘still-points’ at 1 and 59 on the clock of its swing, where a momentary experience of ONE-ness occurs. At the mid-point [30] there is a SHIFT from the Divine Masculine to the Divine Feminine where a relative ‘balance’ between the two happens.

Throughout so-called dream-history these ‘Breaking Points’ manifest over and over again. Such a moment is now happening as the pendulum nears this mid-point and a relative balance [that may be considered between dark and light] is unfolding. The full ‘momentum’ of the dark, which always occurs as the pendulum nears the mid-point, is now showing up everywhere ‘as’ a chaotic ‘Breaking Point’, which will be followed by a ‘Peace oriented balance’. Take heart, the laws of energy within the Grand Dream are consistent. All is well.

“MASS AWAKENING - What’s Really Happening - 2020 - 30 minute Synopsis”

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