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Can ‘you disappear … entirely?

Can this sense of “I” dissolve totally?

Can this longing to ‘be’ somebody, to leave behind some special world changing legacy that will erect monuments to your name … just fall away?

These are the kinds of authentic questions you must ask yourself … and answer truthfully before total Freedom is a possibility. The sentimental and emotional use of the creative passions is very seductive and appealing while you still wander in the wilderness of individual person-hood. But Passion, when in its True place is expressed, has no identity attached. It is the nothing-ness of the Absolute that creates worlds knowing they are fleeting moments of Joyful expression not to be held but allowed to flow.

You are the Absolute living inside a series of nested boxes, each one confining, hiding, restricting and masking the Real You deeper and deeper within the illusion of a separated identity. You need not attempt to resolve each layer of this grand dream to return to the Awareness of Who you Really ‘are’ … you need only choose Freedom as your one Intention and give it ALL your ATTENTION for IT to return from ‘where’ it never left.

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