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It is not possible for the false self [the body-mind-identity most call ‘me’] to ‘know’ anything for certain. It has a huge archive of ‘beliefs’ and so-called acquired ‘knowledge’, however this is also archived information based on historical records, and any event or presumption including so-called scientific facts can be questioned by one’s beliefs no matter how credible they may seem to be. “All knowledge is learned ignorance” – Ramana … because nothing that has a beginning, and an ending is real.

From beliefs - faith, trust and hope emerge as additional attempts at certainty, but ‘doubt’ is always associated with these concepts to some degree. KNOWING is ‘of’ the ONE SELF ‘only’ because ‘What Is’ can only be ‘known’ perfectly through Wholeness [ONE-ness] … the indivisible Truth. This cannot be taught, learned or described – only experienced in the state of full Awareness that “YOU ‘Are’ The ONE SELF”, which is Empty until ‘knowing’ is needed and this springs into experience spontaneously when required.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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