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What changes is NOT real … is NOT who you are. What is Real cloaks IT SELF in infinite disguises … some you call ‘you’ and when these change, you either rejoice or lament the shifts. The sufferer changes. The body-identity changes. The one you present to the world changes. The accolades and praise, the condemnations and the judgments swing like a pendulum in the changing tides of fortune and degradation and to the extent that you ‘identify’ with this kaleidoscope your life experience flows through various levels of chaos.

And yet, this turmoil is like the rush of a fix … it is very seductive and the lows are accepted as the price of the highs but as this ecstatic dance begins to fade [as it is Now for all of humanity] the false identity must create ever more enticing attractions to sway your gaze ‘away’ from the Silence that mirrors what is Real.

Humanity is in a ‘sound-byte’ phase where attention spans are measured in seconds … so great is the fear of Silence and the reflection of Truth it mirrors if you are Still and look inward. Nevertheless, there is no escape from the onrush of Truth that comes Now in wave after wave revealing what is Not you – Not True. It is a beautiful terror as the Light of Truth undresses for you everywhere and soon your ‘resistance’ and the suffering that brings, will exhaust this false identity and you will fall into the welcoming arms of the Love You Are.


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