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There ‘is’ only ONE, call it the SELF or Consciousness and everything that seems to ‘be’ is a projection on the screen ‘of’ ONE Consciousness, which is also the Real YOU.

The body-mind-identity is a ‘construct’ made up out-of the conditioning or veil that covers the ONE SELF and seems to have autonomy as an individual person with 5 direct senses to navigate this dream-projection. Another aspect of the dream is more subtle and is apprehended via the intuition which some call the 6th sense. While the ONE SELF still slumbers under this veil IT believes in the illusion of ‘levels’ - many of them, which IT calls dimensions and in those dimensions IT populates this unseen [to the 5 senses] universe with entities it calls guides, angels, ET’s, groups of spiritual beings and all manner of ‘others’ that it deems ‘separate’ from itself.

When one has reached a degree of sensitivity where this intuitive conduit seems to ‘connect’ with so-called ‘other’ worldly-universes they are said to be psychic, having ‘extrasensory’ abilities including ‘channeling’ information about the physical realm and the unseen realm. All of this ‘is’ true insofar as it speaks about the ‘world dream’. However, nothing exists outside the SELF, which is Empty, Knowing everything when the moment arises for that to occur. The first speaks about illusions [no matter how real they seem] and the second about Truth.

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