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Do you want to be comfortable with peace of mind … or, do you want to be completely Free? There is a vast difference.

The spiritual community … indeed most belief systems long for peace and the fulfilment of all of one’s needs on any level they care to name. These vignettes DO occur occasionally such as on a vacation for a few weeks to a retreat of some kind. And yet, even there the mind is still occupied with regrets from the past and fears for the future. Genuine Peace is NOT what one ‘has’ … IT is Who YOU Are in Reality.

The body-mind-identity most call ‘me’ believes it ‘has or does not have’ all manner of possessions and possible experiences and strives to place as many in the so-called ‘positive’ column as possible. In fact, this is a lifetime objective by whatever name for most. This ephemeral identity however is NOT Who YOU Really Are. This is the disguise most wear fabricated out of their ‘conditioning’ [attachments, expectations and identifications]. When these are stripped away the Real YOU is revealed [not ‘attained’ or ‘ascended into’ as most believe], but ever-Present. One of ITs names is Peace. Love [Real Love – totally without conditions], Abundance [without limits], Beauty [without the possibility of description] and Freedom [that is boundless and unbroken] … are also a few of the facets in the diamond of the ONE SELF that is the REAL YOU.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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