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There is a tendency when one has become aware that the world/universe is a dream [at the simple mental ‘belief’ phase’ before absolute knowing] to become cold and indifferent to what is occurring within the dream. It is an attitude of: “Its all just a dream, so nothing really matters”. This response ‘insures’ that the world experience you now ‘believe’ is a dream … will ‘remain’ your experience.

There is great suffering within the dream experience due to the belief in separation and the constant conflict this manifests. While this suffering is how most eventually find their way to their knees in surrender taking them ‘within’, apathy toward the suffering of so-called ‘others’ is ‘self hatred’ where the deepest dream-sleep resides. Compassion is the natural expression toward the suffering inherent with the Grand Dream because it exemplifies True SELF Love, which knows that their ‘are’ no others.

At first this too is only a mind-belief but as it continues as your response to all suffering it becomes the ‘knowing’ of the SELF [the ONE or God You Are]. Any consistent expression of the SELF expands Truth in your experience.

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