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ALL love within the realm of the Grand Dream [what most call reality] is ‘conditional’. Conditioning is the ‘clay’ that molds the world-universal dream into what ‘appears’ to be solid manifested forms. It begins with the initial belief in ‘separation’ and from that a myriad of ‘opposites’ emerges. Then attachments, expectations and identifications coalesce to make up the conditioning that represents the so-called ‘individual’ most refer to as ‘me’. This entity is an illusion and the conditioning that underpins its illusory existence ‘plays-out’ in every encounter within the dream.

It is ‘impossible’ for this NOT to be the case while one dreams they are a separated entity.

This can vary dramatically from a completely closed armour that doles out what it calls love ‘in return for’ what it believes it lacks within this concept of separation. Gradually, chinks in this armour appear allowing tiny pinpoints of Light or genuine Love to shine through and these arise at first through suffering and the resulting vignettes of ‘surrender’ that allow Truth to dominate … if even for only a moment. Consider a ‘hardened criminal’ that lovingly cherishes a small animal.

Eventually after many, many dream-lifetimes these tiny chinks in the armour become like a screen-door allowing the Light of genuine Love to shine through many tiny channels blending the still most ‘stuck’ conditioning with genuine Love. This Love soon ‘swallows’ the false self entity called ‘me’ into ITs Heart and this illusory self dissolves completely revealing what had always been and never left – ‘un-conditioned’ Love.

Un-conditioned simply speaks of Love that does NOT recognize separation, is ONE SELF without divisions … incapable of judgements, where even the label un-conditioned ‘Love’ has no meaning since that lofty term still suggests an opposite. IT simply IS and IT ‘is’ the Real YOU.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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