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Conditioning is your jailer and your prison. Naturally, if you are deeply committed to Freedom, you *wish the jailer to depart along with the prison … also described as the ‘person’ you have believed you are. The false self’s solution is ‘resistance’ and if that doesn’t work – attack, either subtly of overtly with much emotion. Both methods are like throwing gasoline on a fire because where your ‘attention’ is focused, there your experience follows even if the intention behind it was what the false self calls positive.

Always the remedy for what you do not *‘want’ is to say YES ‘to’ it since it ‘is’ currently happening … if you are aware of it. Then, you shift your attention back to what you do want – Freedom.

Attention ‘expands’ Awareness and experience of what it is ‘pointed’ at.

If you give ‘resisting attention’ to anything, it WILL expand, and your jail becomes more and more formidable. If you ‘withdraw’ your attention from it and place it on Freedom, IT will rush toward you – SIMPLE … very simple and yet so few [as yet] ‘get’ this.

It is the ‘frustration’ with the life of the prisoner [dreamer] that eventually brings about your unswerving re-directed focus on Freedom. Everything that brings you to that frustration therefore, is a blessing … no matter how it shows up.

*[‘wanting' suggests distance [separation] to get somewhere and Truth is ‘always’ with you ‘as’ you NOW. However, in this article I use the word ‘want’ only for convenient communication]

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