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Updated: Feb 13, 2019

-John McIntosh

There are two kinds of conduct. The conduct of the separated false self and the conduct of the God-SELF. The false self’s conduct is conditioned and tainted by endless agendas centered around self interests related to comfort and security since it lives in constant fear at various levels, from extreme to subtle but always simmering beneath the surface. And the God-SELF, when IT increasingly blinks awake while still slumbering in the prison of dreams or when IT has taken ITs True role - master of your Life ‘as’ YOU … which is ‘far’ different.

From moment to moment, whether Still and Silent or dynamically active within the grand dream, there is a constant flow of Love, which wordlessly touches everything at the level where it will be most beneficial. This often means IT is ‘disruptive’ since Truth is a brilliant Light that exposes the dysfunction that underpins the grand dream. This is why so few can ‘be in’ or ‘remain in’ the Presence of a fully Awakened God-SELF for long since the masks the false self wears dissolve in the Light, revealing the littleness and limitation the false self defines itself by.

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