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As the Great SHIFT of Awareness expands and the patriarchal house of cards collapses ever more quickly … it is more and more evident everywhere that the potential for confrontational scenarios is also increasing. In times of growing uncertainty, fear also expands along with anxiety, anger/rage and desperation, and one can find themselves facing dragons they would have run from not long ago.

If those dragons take the form of confrontational situations and are ‘faced’ through resistance, an expansion of the conditions surrounding the issues ‘will’ occur despite the possibility of making, what may at first appear to be ‘progress’ toward alleviating the challenge(s) in question. Always, the underlying conditioning that manifested the confrontational event(s) ‘is’ the only dragon to face.

Self Inquiry/surrender is the most direct ‘way’ to ‘do’ that. This serves to dissolve layer after layer of the ancient conditioning, which will sooner, rather than later, during this Great SHIFT, diffuse similar issues before they happen … until the Peace YOU ‘Are’ becomes an ever-Present experience.

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